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Wanna see Lucas teach Mansion Man Mark McCloskey a lesson?

Mark McCloskey’s inability to properly handle his weapon led to dozens of lives being endangered as he waved his gun toward peaceful protestors passing by his mansion. The embarrassing episode was caught on camera and quickly became a viral sensation. And we know McCloskey hasn’t always taken it well… He said seeing images of himself that day caused him “humiliation” and that his “life has been ruined.” Unfortunately for McCloskey, the embarrassment of the episode will likely continue, as his trial for unlawful use of a weapon is set for Nov. 1, 2021.

Lucas Kunce is a 13-year Marine officer who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, kept nuclear weapons out of the hands of terrorists, and led arms control negotiations with Russia out of the Pentagon. He’s earned the Marine Expert Rifle and Expert Pistol badges numerous times and spent thousands of hours responsibly wielding firearms while serving in the Marine Corps. He knows what he’s doing. That’s why he’s challenged Mansion Man Mark to apologize to all those people he threatened — and in exchange, Lucas will give him one Marine-led training so he can learn the weapons he’s parading around aren’t toys. They have a time and place, and pointing one outside your mansion at a crowd of people isn’t ever it.

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